NAROTTAM MISHRA DAS - Temple construction

Prem Tali, also known as Tamal Tali, is the place of Srila Narottam Das Thakur. It is located in the city of Kheturi, Bangladesh, where Narottam Das Thakur was born.

The Mandir is found at the bank of the Padma River where Narottam Das Thakur once bathed and received prema deposited there by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself on the day of Narottam Das Thakur birth.


This holy site had been neglected untill the proposal of Narottam Mishra Prabhu to offer this service for the vaishnava community, which is still very much inspired by Srila Narottam Das Thakur's beautiful songs.

Narottam Mishra Prabhu receiving the Audarya Awards from Sri Gobinda Pramanik, representative of the Hindu Community in Dhaka

This beautiful construction raised in Kheturi Dham by Narottam Mishra Das, also symbolizes the meeting of Jahnava Didi with the 6 Goswamis right before their departure to Vrindavan. 

Sri Sri Radha Vraja Mohan Ji

His Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vraja Mohan Ji, the deities worshiped by Srila Narottam Das Thakur, are nowadays being worshiped in many places around the world. The originals are now in Vrindavan in a beautiful temple recently restored by devotees of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.