BRAJ FOUNDATION - The best restoration of holy place Brahmakunda

Braj Foundation is dedicated to the all round development of Braj, their efforts, which began with restoration of ‘kund’s, have now spread to the revival of ‘sacred’ groves or ‘van’s, regeneration of around 18000 acres of hilly terrain or ‘Parvat’s into lush-green pasture lands, and resurrection of River Yamuna. Simultaneously, the Foundation is making several interventions in areas like organic farming, dairy industry, rural education, employment etc. towards the realization of its broader mandate; to reinstate Braj as an ideal rural society.

Brahma Kund is the lake where the Lord Brahma song the Brahma Samhita.

Brahma Kunda before restoration

Brahma Kunda after restoration

Lord Brahma in the middle of the Kund

Karmeti vai - a female saint

Such a few of the cultural programs at Brahma Kunda

The entire Braj Foundation´s team receiving the Audarya - Award

Mr. Vineet Narain is, the CEO of The Braj Foundation. He has been dedicating most of his time and energy in the wider restoration works in Braj - the land of Lord, preaching environment consciousness and service to Krishna as the highest form of devotion.